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We understand the complexities of each person

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We understand the complexities of each person’s own unique needs. We work with the individual from initial assessment to identify the most appropriate placement or support package, whilst supporting their future goals and aspirations. As the support and enablement needs of people can change, we also offer a flexible and responsive approach which is reviewed on a continual basis.

We offer people person-centered support to develop practical daily living skills, and tools for managing their mental health so that they can self-manage and stay well longer term.

We want our clients to be as independent as possible. We design bespoke plans for each and every one of clients, after all no one is the same. Our goal is to provide positive environment that promotes personal growth.
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Daily Living Skills

We support individuals to manage general housing issues, benefits and finances. Once they are ready to start the process of moving on, we help them to register on housing lists, and to search for and view suitable properties

Core Fitness

Mental Health

Alongside practical skills development, we work alongside people to build tools to manage their day-to-day mental health, identify and protect against triggers, and put in place plans for dealing with a crisis.

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How we Care & Support  you

  • 24hr Supported Accommodation

  • Registered Mental Nurse

  • 24hr On-Call Manager

  • Trained and Experienced Team

  • Group Activities

  • Personalised Support Plan

  • Digital Support Plan

  • Keyworker System

  • Medication e.g. Compliance, 

  • Quarterly Progress Report

  • In-house Training

Engaging with the Community

We support them to identify and engage with training, volunteering and employment opportunities in line with their personal recovery goals. We also help them to develop hobbies and engage in social activities, building informal and personal support networks to protect against relapse.

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Your Accommodation

  • Individual room with Double bed

  • Wheelchair Accessible

  • Private Bathroom

  • Fully Equipped Kitchen

  • 24hr support from trained staff

  • Back gardens for activities

  • Large Flat Screen TV

  • 24hr CCTV Security

  • Free WIFI

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